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  • The Meeting (The Truth Chronicles Short Story) ()
    Find Out How It All Began

    This short story takes readers back three years prior to the start of the series to the time when Jax, Izzy, JT, and Micky first meet. Fans of The Truth Chronicles will enjoy this brief tale (three chapters) that provides some interesting background for the students and illuminates a few events discussed in the series.

    Like the other books in the series, The Meeting is a lot of fun and packed with important biblical teaching. Facing strong peer pressure for the first time, JT must make a decision to go along with her new friends or take a stand for Christ. 

    (The Meeting is also included in Worlds of Faith by Paul Taylor, gen. ed.)

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  • The Sons of God and the Nephilim ()
    Genesis 6 introduces two of the most mysterious groups in all of Scripture: the sons of God and the Nephilim (or giants). Scholars have been divided over this issue since the early days of the church. Were the sons of God really fallen angels that married women or were they something else? Were the Nephilim the offspring of the unions between the sons of God and women or were they already around prior to these marriages? Why were they on the earth again after the Flood?

    Find out the truth about two of the greatest mysteries in Scripture as Tim clears up the misconceptions and presents one of the most detailed and scholarly studies ever done on this subject. You may never look at the Old Testament the same way again. 

    This booklet is the result of Tim's Th.M. thesis. It has been reformatted and a couple of sections have been added.
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